Home Fragrance (Refill) – 250ml – Salis

Home Fragrance (Refill) – 250ml – Salis
Home Fragrance (Refill) - 250ml - Salis



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Home Fragrance (Refill) – 250ml
Scent – Salis

Salis is inspired by the sun, the sea, and the mediterranean underbrush. It ignites the desire to indulge on the rocks where the salt is effortlessly collected as the tide splashes, wave after wave, under the strength of a passionate sun.
Remove the cap and pour the liquid into the room perfume bottle.
Ideal for linen, garments, sofas, curtains and car seats. Spray at 20-25 cm from the fabric. Always test the product on a corner of the fabric before you spray it over the entire surface.

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