Laundering for your M.M Linen

Laundering for your M.M Linen

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Our quality bedlinen will last many years with careful laundering.

Our store manager in Christchurch, Jayne, is fastidious about caring for her own linens and she has learned over the years to use a wash powder instead of a laundry liquid, as she believes it gives a cleaner wash. “Always use a minimal amount of laundry powder and follow the
washing instructions on the care label, using a cold or warm wash.”

If you want your new towels, such as our luxurious Portuguese Tusca Towels, to feel soft and to maximise absorbency, Jayne suggests soaking them in cold water for four hours before the first wash.  Always soak and wash
the various colours of towels separately, to maintain the original colours.

Cold washing uses less energy, but only use cold water if the care label for the fabric allows. Aim to fill the washing machine to reduce the number of wash cycles and lessen the impact on the environment, and
don’t forget to turn your duvets and pillowcases inside-out to prolong the original look of them.

Air your goose down and feather duvet inners, when possible and wash them less frequently.  The sunlight and air will refresh the fabrics and goose down does not like humidity, so aim to air your duvet inners on linen change day – if you have the time!

If you live in a fresh air environment, line drying reduces wrinkles in your sheets and duvet covers, uses less energy and freshens the fibres. Take care to keep the fabrics out of the direct sunlight as much as possible, to reduce fading, keeping your duvet and pillow covers turned inside-out whilst drying.