Care for Your M.M Linen

Care for your M.M Linen bedding, towels, silk and down.

Every item in our collection is sold with care instructions that are specific to the type of fabric and any embellishments that the item may have. Please follow the care instructions, as labelled to get the most out of your M.M Linen product.

To assist you with this, our laundry symbols and their meanings are below.

Separate light coloured items from the dark colours and wash them separately from each other.

To extend the life of your sheets, we believe that each bed in regular use needs two-three sets of sheets. One on the bed, one in the cupboard and by rotating your sheet sets in this way, you will extend their wear. Some consumers do not use top sheets and rotate their duvet covers weekly as well.

Duvet Sets
To get the most out of your M.M Linen Duvet Set we advise to warm gentle machine wash separately before use. Do not bleach or tumble dry, soak or rub. Warm iron and do not dry clean. Please care for your bedding by avoiding direct sunlight.

Comforter Sets
Warm, gentle machine wash separately before use. To get the most out of your comforter, we recommend to not bleach. Comforter maybe tumble dried on a warm setting. Warm iron on the reverse side when required.

Bedspread Sets
Warm, gentle machine wash separately before use. To get the most out of your bedspread, we recommend to not bleach or tumble dry. Warm iron on the reverse side. Do not dry clean M.M Linen bedspreads.

Please follow the care label instructions specific to the item that requires laundering. For small marks, the item can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent and a damp cloth.

Fluff your duvets and pillows daily to maintain the fullness, loft and insulating benefits of the natural feather and down. Placing your M.M down in the sunshine will maintain freshness between laundering.

Wash your towels before using them, separating dark and light colours and please bear in mind that it usually takes up to 3 washed before your towel reaches its full absorbency potential.

Wash in warm water and do not use fabric softener, as this reduces the absorbency of the towelling. Our towels can be tumble dried on a low setting. Shake them out and do not use an iron on the fibres.

Follow the care label instructions and always turn your cushion covers inside out to wash. Ease the cushion cover back into shape while it is damp, especially if it had a piped edge and allow to dry. Iron on the reverse side if your cushion can be ironed. Always use the lowest setting possible on your iron or steamer that will ease out the wrinkles and creases.

Follow the care label instructions. Gently hand wash. Do not use biological soaps or everyday detergents. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Cool iron on reverse side. May be tumble dried.