Let's talk Sheets - Learn all there is to know about sheeting

Let's talk Sheets - Learn all there is to know about sheeting

Our knowledgeable and experienced Christchurch Store Manager, Jayne, shares her knowledge and insight in to the world of sheeting. Find out all this is to know about sheeting. We hope you find this Journal Post helpful and useful when making your next sheeting purchase. 

As we spend around a third of our lives in bed, investing in the right bed sheet type is essential if you want to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Discover sheets made from 100% cotton (percale or sateen) and 100% washed linen.  

A term you are sure to come across when shopping for the best bed sheets ‘Thread Count’. The thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric, and higher thread counts often indicate softer high-end sheets. However, there is a happy medium around 250 thread count that will give you a good balance between quality and price. 

As there are so many types of bed sheets on the market, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide what is the best for your needs.  So please read on and see the pros and cons of each type and hopefully it will make the decision easier for you. 

Cotton Percale

A durable, lightweight cotton percale is a good option for anyone that sleeps warm and needs a little cooling. Percale refers to the type of cotton weave used to construct the sheet and consists of a traditional criss-cross pattern of one thread over and one thread under. Percale has a crisp, cool feel but is not as soft and cosy as others.

Cotton Sateen

Sateen weave is a type of cotton weave, which is one thread over and three under.  This is different from percale cotton weave – the traditional one thread over and one thread under. These additional threads make a sateen slightly warmer on the skin, so its great for cooler sleepers. Sateen is thicker in nature which makes it a great option for the colder months.


As well as being exceptionally soft, the natural long fibres of pure linen make linen bedding breathable and absorbent, helping to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Its density also means the fabric has a natural weight to it, making it feel like a comforting, warm embrace and easing you into a wonderful deep sleep.  It’s perfect material for every season – feeling fresh in summer and warm in winter.  Linen sheets are ideal for those who run cold or warm when they sleep. Another great quality of linen bedding is that it gets softer and softer with wear and its durability means you will be enjoying your linen bedding for years to come.

 M.M Linen Sheet Collection

M.M Linen Bee Sheet Cotton Percale 250 TC

M.M Linen Pure Cotton 250 TC

M.M Linen Luxury Sateen Sheet 500 TC

M.M Linen Boutique Sateen Sheet 600 TC

M.M Linen Laundered Linen Sheet

 Caring for your Sheets

The great debate of how often you should change your sheets! There are various options people choose to follow. Personally, weekly is a good time frame for me, however, some people change sheets fortnightly but change pillowcases more frequently. Hot or cold wash, line dry or dryer? These are personal choices, but the feel of clean sheets is very desirable.

For all your sheeting and bedding needs, visit our M.M Linen stores in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch or give them a call. Click here for our store details.


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