Discover our Laundered Linen Collection

Discover our Laundered Linen Collection

Invest in timeless quality and style with our Laundered Linen Collection of bedding. As a M.M Linen top selling product, as well as a staff favourite, our Laundered Linen collection is not only enduringly stylish, it also has many naturally benefiting properties, mentioned below. Our Laundered Linen Collection is pre-washed for a naturally relaxed look and is available in a curated collection of natural, earthy colours. Our Laundered Linen Collection includes bedspread and duvet sets, sheet sets, valances, as well as pillows and euros. Discover our Laundered Linen Collection online, through our stockists nationwide or visit our M.M Linen stores in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch.


Natural benefiting properties of Linen:
Naturally Temperature Regulating and Breathable
Linen is naturally temperature-regulating, keeping you warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Due to linen’s excellent heat conductivity and breathability, it can direct heat away from the body in warmer weather and during Winter, linen is a natural insulator, preserving your body’s heat and wicking away moisture.

Linen is a highly durable fabric. Linen’s durability is largely due to the strong natural flax fibres that linen fabric is constructed from. Linen in nearly 30% stronger than cotton.  The longevity of linen offers maximum value for money, meaning you won’t need to continually replace your bedding.

Timeless Style
Linen ages gracefully and gets softer with every wash. This is because the pectin that binds the fibres gradually breaks down. You do not need to use fabric softeners to soften your linen. They will actually get in the way and affect the linen’s porousness. Linen is a relatively low-maintenance fabric, it’s important, however, to look after it properly by protecting it from direct sunlight and following all washing instructions. 

Low Maintenance
Linen sheets are machine washable and quick-drying, making them super simple to love and care for. These low-maintenance sheets can be washed with a mild detergent in warm (not hot) water, and hung out to dry for best results.



If you are looking to refresh your bedding and would like to go with a plain option, our Laundered Linen Collection is a great place to start. Be inspired by our curated colour palette and how we style our bed, with layers and texture. If you need some assistance on where to start, visit one of our lovely M.M Linen stores in Auckland, Tauranga or Christchurch or expert styling advice or simply email our stores or Head Office. We would love to help you style your bed to make your bedroom your happy place and sanctuary.

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