Wonderful Wool

Wonderful Wool

Wool has long been regarded as an environmentally positive fibre option with numerous benefits for health and well being as well as the environment. M.M Linen is embracing the wonders of wool and building their wool product collection, including their popular New Zealand wool sheepskin rugs and their newest addition, New Zealand wool duvet inners. This Journal post shares some insightful information about wonderful wool.

With an increase in consumer awareness about climate change, to consciously tread lightly on our planet, and a desire for complete transparency, this has challenged businesses to rethink their approach and to adhere to best practice in all facets of their businesses. For M.M Linen, this includes making conscious and considered decisions about manufacturing and fabric choices, to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible whilst maintaining the highest quality. Therefore, developing their wool product range was a logical and considered step in the right direction.

Wool is a fibre that has numerous sustainable and positive benefits, including being 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. Other benefits include thermo-regulating properties in contrast to synthetics, wool is an active fibre with a complex structure that reacts to changes in body temperature and the atmosphere, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer making it a great option all year round.

Naturally, wool is non allergenic. There is a thin waxy coating on every wool fibre, called lanolin. Naturally occurring, lanolin contains fatty acids that repel water, dust and dirt. This inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and dust mites.

M.M Linen's range of wool products are made from New Zealand wool. New Zealand farmers are regarded as some of the finest wool producers in the world, who take great pride in their natural landscapes and the growth of healthy, well cared for sheep.

M.M Linen's latest wool product is their Everyday 400gsm Wool Duvet Inners. Made from 100% New Zealand wool and encased in 300 thread count pure cotton percale, finished with silver coloured piping and double stitching. A duvet inner well worth the investment, with its thermoregulating properties as well as many other benefits, mentioned above.

M.M Linen's other New Zealand wool product is their Sheepskin Rugs, which have been very well received amongst their customers. Available in a range of 7 stylish, nature inspired colours to complement interiors and the versatility of single or double size. Perfect to throw over the end of a bed, sofa, favourite chair or on the floor to keep not only your feet nice and cosy, but to also add texture and interest to any space. 

M.M Linen is excited to continue with development t of their range of New Zealand wool products. If there are any other wool products you would love M.M Linen to establish, please let them know by emailing our Marketing associate, Lucy - lucy@mmlinen.com, or private message them on their Facebook or Instagram pages. 

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