M.M Down Collection - Warm, Cosy and Comfortable

M.M Down Collection - Warm, Cosy and Comfortable

As we delve deeper into Winter, it's a great time to assess how warm and cosy you are in your bed. M.M Linen has an amazing variety of Down Products. Our M.M Down Collection includes Duvet Inners, Mattress Toppers and Pillows. Our extremely helpful, experienced and knowledgeable M.M Linen Christchurch Store Manager, Jayne, has some great advice and information about our collection to help you make an informed decision.


Duvet Inners: Once you decide to or have had a beautiful Goose Down inner, you will never go back to anything else. The lightness and warmth of the down drapes around your body and keeps you cosy in bed. Duvet inners are stitched in squares to ensure even distribution of the down and feathers. Covered in 300 thread count pure cotton fabric.

Premium Duvet Inner 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather
This is for the sleeper that wants warmth but minimum weight, as the higher the down the lighter the inner feels. This is a very warm duvet inner with all that down. For a cold sleeper this could be used all year round. Premium inners are available in all sizes from Single to Cali King.

Everyday Duvet Inner 50% Goose Down 50% Goose Feather
The most popular due to the variety of sleepers. It is still a lovely light weight but slightly heavier due to more feathers. Everyday can be used for all seasons. Colder sleepers can add an extra layer on the bed with one of our beautiful Quilts or Bedspread. Available in all sizes from Single to Cali King.

Goose Inners are easy to care for. We highly recommend airing them regularly. Feathers don’t like damp conditions. When changing the bed you can place on a clothes line for some natural fresh air or place in dryer on low heat setting to revive the feathers.

Mattress Topper
This has 2 layers stitched together. The top layer is 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather. The bottom layer is 5% Goose Down and 95% Goose Feather. Lying on top of this is a luxury, and the warmth makes your bed so comfortable. If you have a hard mattress this can assist with comfort, or if you just want to sleep in pure luxury, this is a fantastic option.
Once again, with being a feather product, free air is the key to keeping this product fresh. We have these starting from Queen to Cali King.

The search for the perfect pillow can take time, plus you need to adjust and get use to the different feel of sleeping on a feather filled pillow. To protect these pillows we recommend using a pillow protector.

M.M Linen we have a variety to choose from.
Standard Pillows 50 x 75 cm
Lodge Pillows 50 x 90 cm
Euro Pillows 65 x 65 cm

This is 80% Goose Down and 20% Goose feather with medium fill. This pillow is great for people who like a flat pillow and the luxury and warmth of the down keeps your head warm.

All Around
The Feather Core is 100% Goose Feather, Outer layer 80%Gooses Down 20% Goose Feather. These come in a few options:

Soft – This is for the stomach sleeper, neck injury or young child with underdeveloped neck muscles

Medium – This is for the side sleeper who like a little height but comfortable sleep

Firm – This is for the back sleeper or person who would sleep with 2 pillows but likes the single option

Lodge – This is great for the bigger beds as they fit across the bed better and make your Super King/Cali King bed look more luxurious

Euro – These complete the luxurious look and feel to the bed. Placed at the back of bed as a substitute bedhead or to compliment the bedhead.

We hope you have found this article beneficial and that it may have helped you with making an informed decision on updating your bedding to be more cosy, supporting and comfortable. Our M.M Down Collection covers everything you need for a better nights sleep from duvet sets, mattress toppers and pillows as well as essentials to complement with mattress and pillow protectors. For knowledgeable, friendly and helpful advice, please visit our M.M Linen stores located in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch or contact our Head Office in Christchurch, New Zealand 03 355 0200 or email info@mmlinen.com

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